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"Kildeer" - Herb Veng Smith
"Kildeer" - Herb Veng Smith
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Hand-embellished premium Giclée print on 300gsm textured art paper.

Ships rolled - unframed  
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About the Artist...

Veng is inspired by nature and works in a small room with good light and music.


Born in 1981 in Staten Island, NY.  Herb Smith has studied painting by reading books, visiting museums, trail and error and by learning the craft of painting. He has exhibited work in the U.S and in Europe.  

He focuses on pushing an experimental original style with inspirations coming from Ancient Civilizations, Science Fiction, Eastern Philosophy, Dreams, Myth & the Super Natural. Embracing multimedia, his work has also been incorporated in graphic teeshirts, prints, stickers, installations & several other platforms that mend well with his personal imagery.


The structural differences between species along with all the colors and other traits of an animal have maintained an endless interest. The technique of building layers extending depth in a painting is what first attracted him to oil paint and retains his interest still.  


With each work he uses many different reference sources to build up an idea. "Visually I would like the viewer to recognize each part of the painting, but not to give the full story of the work, rather letting the viewer work out his/her own overall idea. I’m not working to create a “photo realistic” image, but to convey an illusion that seems possible."


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